Rare White Peacock Struts His Stuff. When He Spreads His Feathers — OMG! Did You See THAT?

Peacocks are awesome creatures. I even worked for a while at a place where two peacocks had free range of the entire outside grounds. It was wonderful to see them, except for that one time when one was sitting outside the door at the time I was due to go home. Having to wait an extra half hour for him to get bored and walk off was not fun. Those peacocks had fully-colored plumage. The peacock in this video is all white, but it doesn’t make him look any less stunning.

Some people think a peacock’s fanning its feathers means that it’s mad. No, it’s the ostrich who does the crazy dance that means “You had better have a car that you can get into and drive quickly away or I’m gonna kick right through you.” The peacock is trying to court females when he does this with his feathers. He’s trying to be the biggest, sexiest peacock that the female has seen. It’s kind of like men getting dressed up to go to a dance club, but way less gaudy.

This video just makes me admire how varied and beautiful nature can be. Here we have this bird that can fan its feathers in such an exotic and stunning pattern. How did it evolve like this over the millennia? Did the first peacock instinctively perform this or was it something that changed over time? It’s just amazing that there are so many types of animals in the world and this one has its specific and unique ability.

People live extremely rushed and hectic lives. They only think about getting to and from work and making money to get food and other items. Their noses are buried in their smartphones which make them oblivious to everything around them. It’s a shame because they get more and more desensitized to everything going around them. If they spent more time looking at things like this peacock, then things might be better. At least for me, it would.

This video just left me in awe. How about you? Did it make you just want to search the Internet for more peacock pictures? Leave a comment below!

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