Rat Won’t Let ANYTHING Get Between Her And Her Best Cat Friend. These Two Are Amazing!

It’s well-known that cats and rats are not the best of friends. With cats being predators, and rats often in the role as prey, breaching that gap isn’t an easy task. But sometimes the power of friendship can be an incredible thing.

Maggie Szpot and her family adopted their orange tabby, Ranj, after they found him as a stray kitten in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Szpot had pet rats as Ranj was growing up, but when she adopted a couple new rats, Peanut and her sister Mocha, she was a little worried that her cat wouldn’t get along with them.

Luckily, Ranj soon proved that Szpot had nothing to worry about.

“Peanut first met Ranj when [Peanut] was still a baby,” Szpot said. “I had brought Peanut and her sister out of their cage to play, and I put them in a fenced area for them to run around in, and Ranj actually jumped inside to get a closer look. He is always curious of new things … they quickly became good friends and Peanut followed Ranj around everywhere.”

Mocha still keeps her distance, never quite warming up to Ranj. Still, Peanut and Ranj got along swimmingly, and crawls over Ranj nonstop.

Unfortunately, rats have short life spans. Ranj and Peanut were only able to spend two years together before Peanut passed away. Ranj isn’t lonely, though. He hangs out with Szpot’s other cats and her two birds. Still, the bond between him and Peanut was something special.

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