Raven-haired woman wows audience with superstar performance of Queen classic

The “X-Factor” franchise is now shown all over the world. There are actually 60 different versions of the show airing at the moment, a phenomena that keeps on going and going. This show created in England by the famous Mega-Judge Simon Crowell to replace the defunct “Pop Idol” program and has gone on to bigger and better things. The beauty of the X Factor, which coincidentally was named after the elusive thing that all agents and promoters are looking for, has seen many interesting act perform on its stages.

On the Ukraine version of the show an unusually dressed young lady was set to perform her version of the “Queen” song The Show Must Go On. As she stepped on stage you could see the judges and audience alike trying to figure out what they were in for. Julia was dressed in an all-white leather suit, with red high heels and red vest. To top it all off she also had bright red flaming hair. Her eye make-up was thick and she looked like she meant business.

The judges were immediately skeptical, and you could see that their reaction was not looking to be favorable. Even some audience members were in silent conversations with each other as Julia prepared for her chance to shine. The music started, the judges held their collective breath and the audience stared in wonderment. Then it happened, she started to sing and had the crowd in the palm of her hands straight away.

From the first verse it was obvious to all in the theatre that they were looking at a superstar in the making. You could see the blood rushing to the heads of both the judges and the audience as they were stunned into submission by the ultra-powerful-performer. Her use of the stage was so professional that you know she has definitely done this before. The power in her voice sent shivers down the backs of all of those witnessing this sensational performance and had the crowd on their feet before the chorus even started.

If you are not familiar with the song, you will be after watching the clip. It was if somehow she had channeled a little of Cher, a lot of Alannah Miles and a hint of Christine Aguilera, a combination that it turns out to be a winning one. You can’t take anything away from Julia, she is definitely a talent to be on the look-out for in the near future. Click on the link below and find out why she had the audience on their feet before the song had ended, even the judges had that WOW look on their faces as the finale came to a crescendo……..Oh, and TURN IT UP.