Are you ready for the best 3-hour medley of Christmas songs ever?

Ever since playlists started to come out, people have been going crazy with all the possibilities theybrings. The possibility of mixing many of your favorite artists and albums is simply too good to pass up. What do you do when you have to compile one for Christmas? Do you base it on classic melodies? Do you go for calm and relaxing tunes at the beginning or the end?

It depends on many things. First, on how your family is. Chances are, your family has older adults, young adults, teenagers, and children. When this is the case, how do you find a playlist that can keep everyone happy and that it lasts a decent amount of time? I’ve tried having my kids and nephews help me with this one and let me tell you, it is never an easy task.

Everyone thinks that he or she knows the perfect songs and artists for this season. The problem comes as the suggestions start to come, one of them will love them and the others will hate them. The younger ones want “happy songs” and the teenagers want songs from their favorite artists, even if they’re not even singing about Christmas in the first place.

One thing that I learned is that typing “Best Christmas songs 2017” does not always guarantee that you’ll get exactly that. You’re lucky if you get a couple or a few at best, but not all songs will end up being of your liking. I had given up on the idea when I decided to go about it in a separate way. I decided to create my own playlist.

I spent several days working on it and was feeling quite confident that I would create the best one ever. I managed to compile about 2.5 hours of music and I was ready to try the list out. I called in my kids and nephews to hear what they had to say about it. As soon as I started playing the tunes, they all started to look at me as if I was coming from another planet and I was playing something they had never heard before. “C’mon, you like this song, right?”, I told them. They went like “Uh… no, you play it all the time, but we don’t like it.” Needless to say, I did not even go through all of them. I had to give up on my own playlist. There must be something I could do.

Fortunately, there was. I ran into this medley that will last you a good 3 hours. You don’t have to worry about skipping the “boring” songs because all this medley has, are great songs. Get ready and let the Christmas music flow!