They Were Ready To Dance At The Christmas Party. Now Keep Your Eyes On Their Necks. OUCH!

When the hit Broadway musical Promises, Promises was being written, the turbulent 1960s were hitting their peak. Music was transforming every single day, the Vietnam War was raging on, new film directors were beginning to make their marks on the world, and the old-school musical theatre was losing steam.

When Neil Simon was helping to write Promises, Promises, he was struggling with the end of the first act of the play. His team needed to come up with a song that would guarantee that the theatergoers would have a reason to come back after intermission, and he needed to write a catchy and fun song that would be talked about for years to come.

The number that they came up with was none other than the silly, fun-loving, and slightly ridiculous “Turkey Lurkey Time.” The premise of this amazing showstopper of a performance is pretty simple. Three of the office secretaries have a special song and dance for the Christmas party, and by the end of their amazing performance, everyone in the whole office loses control and starts to dance.

It’s been rumored that several of the women dancing in this intense song had to go to chiropractors after each performance, and if you watch the way their necks move throughout the whole piece, you’ll easily understand why!

The video below comes from a special telecast of the Tony Awards, so please make sure to watch until the very end. The first two minutes are really impressive, but when the whole crew swoops in and they do that figure eight? Absolutely incredible work!

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