He Was Ready For A Perfect Shot. When That Tiny Kitten Came Up To Him? THIS Is Precious!

Mitsuaki Iwago is a prominent wildlife photographer and filmmaker who is based out of Japan. He has published a varied number of books and also has a TV show to his name. When he was growing up, Mitsuaki was always surrounded by the beautiful world of photography. His father Tokumitsu Iwago is also a renowned wildlife photographer.

After graduating from university, Mitsuaki assisted his father on a project in the Galápagos Islands. Since then he has worked on his own projects and he even won the Kimura Ihei Award in 1979. He has had several of his photography pieces make the cover of National Geographic magazines as well.

One of his recent works is a film/photography project involving stray cats he has encountered around the world. This video features a scene from “Wildlife Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago’s World Cats Travelogue” where a tiny stray kitten wandered up to Mitsuaki. What happened next is beyond adorable!

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