When She Realizes The Fate Of This Puppy, She Loses Control and Breaks Down In Tears!

When we hear about someone dedicating their life to one of the world’s large problems like hunger, homelessness, or helping stray animals, we are proud. 

Like the former millionaire, Julie Covert. She uprooted her busy life and moved to Sutton, NY to help save animals in need.

Learn more about Julie’s amazing story in this video!

“I moved down here specifically to rescue more dogs. I started dabbling in walking dogs for the SPCA up in Buffalo and then transporting once in a while, and then transporting more and more, and I decided to sell my business and my home and moved down here just to rescue more dogs,” Julie said.

Every month Julie’s animal shelter takes in 100 dogs. Some are adopted locally. But others retain the services of pilot Dan Drennan to fly them to far away forever homes.

But Julie dreams of making an even bigger impact.

“You do the best you can. Everybody does the best they can. And there’s a lot of counties that don’t have a shelter at all, or an animal control officer at all,” she told News 4 with tears in her eyes. “It’s difficult. Sometimes you have to pick and choose.”

If it wasn’t for Dan and the other pilots of Pilots N Paws, many of the cute rescue puppies would be homeless or worse.

It’s amazing to hear stories about people like Julie and Dan who dedicate themselves to helping animals in need.

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