He Is Really Excited About Breakfast. Watch What He Does When His Owner Pours The Kibbles!

Dogs are adorable creatures. And thanks to the myriads of videos found on the internet, we can now watch as much of them as we like! We all know how much a dog adores his meals and treats. Sometimes the thought of eating a delish meal can be almost as exciting as the meal itself! The following video just goes to prove that fact!

It features a little corgi who is definition of adorable. And he is a really big fan of kibbles. The moment he finds out that he is going to get them, he does his own happy little jig. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the excitement so obvious on his face! He sure does have a lot of fun during breakfast, doesn’t he? He is going to melt your heart with his adorable reaction EVERY time he eats!

Every time this dog gets kibbles, it’s like he’s getting a steak dinner for the first time. He does a little hop and skip backwards, his front feet tapping the floor while his backside does a little jig. The look on his face is one of pure joy! And it is just kibble! It’s not even a special treat!

The last time we see him on camera, he gets so excited and manages to pull his food bowl across the floor by dragging the rug that it’s on into a corner. He seems like he wants to hide so he can eat without being interrupted. Hilarious!

Watch the corgi and his dancing below! Does your dog do anything similar at meal time? Let us know in the comments!

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