He Really Loves His Mom Reading To Him. But When She Says “The End”? My Heart Broke For Him!

I am sure I haven’t seen a kid who loves books as much as this little guy here. Emmett is just a baby, but he is already a bookworm. When his mother Alicia reads to him, he is all ears. He listens attentively and you can see a hint of a smile on his features. But the moment she finishes the book and says “The End,” there is no one sadder than her baby boy.

We have all had similar experiences, so we can pretty much relate to the little kid. Emmett cannot express his feelings any other way, so to let his mom know how much he wants her to read the book again, he cries. And it is really adorable! He really is going to be one smart kid! Wait till you see his cute reaction!

The video begins with mom reading to him from a short book with lots of pictures, but he seems more interested in her voice than the pictures. But as soon as she stops, he protests by crying. He’s not even old enough to walk yet, but he sure loves his books! She reads it to him over and over and the reaction is the same every time she says, “The end.”

The end of this clip is really cute. It shows several frames of mom and dad reading, and each time the book ends, Emmett has the same reaction. He cries! I bet he’ll be reading all by himself in a few more months.

Watch his love for books in the video below! Can you relate to him? Let us know in the comments!


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