THIS Is The Reason Why Cats Love Boxes So Much. Finally, They Found The Answer!

I know of an old saying that goes something similar to this: “Cats are to boxes as white is to snow”, and if you’re a cat parent yourself, you must know that it’s a 100% true for almost every feline friend that you can find. The reason why cats love boxes so much is still a mystery, but it’s undeniably true, there’s something about cardboard square shapes that calls their attention instantly, and they can spend hours with a box playing or sleeping in it. And it’s not like the size of the box matters, either!

That’s why we got a newer saying on the internet, that goes perfectly with cat’s attitude: “If I fits, I sits”. I mean, just look at the cute feline friend that’s featured in the video just below! It’s not like you need all that much proof to know it; it’s very clear that kitties sometimes like boxes even more than the toys specifically designed and bought for them.

The people at Animalist made this video alongside YouTube cat celebrities Cole and Marmalade, and they try to explain the reason behind this interesting phenomenon. If you’ve ever wondered why cats are like this, you should check it out right away!

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