Reba McEntire Honors Her Father With Emotional Music Video For ‘Just Like Them Horses’

When Reba McEntire’s father, Clark, passed away late in 2014, her family was devastated. Reba shared a close relationship with her father, and after his passing she struggled with the best way to say goodbye.

While listening to songs for her most recent album at the time, Love Somebody, she figured out an appropriate send off. “Just Like Them Horses” came through the speakers and she knew immediately it needed to be played at her father’s funeral.

When Love Somebody was released in April 2015, it debuted at Number One on Billboard’s Top Country albums chart. McEntire released the music video for “Just Like Them Horses” earlier this year, and it is a beautiful tribute to her father.

On it’s release date, McEntire posted a few words about it on her FaceBook page: the song is “about goodbye, closure and letting go. Mama had to be in the video. She was and still is the glue to our family…. I dedicate this video to Daddy. His life was horses, cattle, land, rodeo and business.”

Reba and Clark share a laugh in 1995 (Photo credit: Jim Beckel/AP Photo/The Oklahoman via

She reveals her favorite line from the song is “Just like them horses, now it’s time to run” because that’s exactly what her daddy did. “He ran all the way to Heaven. Just like them horses,” she said.

Watch the touching video for “Just Like Them Horses” below!.

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