They Record Their Daughter And Dog Playing And Capture Something Amazing!

Learning to be a gentleman is sometimes not an easy task, especially for a dog. In this endearing clip, a little girl teaches her pup how to behave with manners. And his performance is just wonderful to see!

Being a gentleman requires both patience and attention, and this pup proves he’s ready for the challenge! As compensation for his progress, the little girl offers him a small treat. Instead of snatching his reward, he gently takes it from her tiny fingers! He’s clearly great with young children. What a smart little guy!

All the while, the young girl explores her bond with her fluffy canine companion. The amazing and deep bond between children and their pets is a marvelous thing to witness. It’s even more adorable when you get to watch them both grow up and learn together. These two will definitely have a wonderful relationship for many years to come!

Watch this clip and experience the same pride and joy this little girl feels as teaches her pup how to shake like a gentleman. She’s not only happy with her own success as a trainer, but with that of her furry friend as well.

This young girl may be small, but she’s a magnificent teacher! And this doggy is such a great student, that he is becoming quite the little gentleman already!

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