He Was Recording A Pregnant Dolphin, And Then The Most Beautiful Thing Happened!

The miracle of life is one of the most amazing things that we can ever hope to witness. This is what the tourists of Shedd Aquarium, in Chicago, were able to see and record on one fateful day, when Katrl, a Pacific white sided dolphin of 28 years of age gave birth to her calf. This birth was extremely important, since there are only 16 known Pacific white-sided dolphins in captivity in North America, and it’s now 17 thanks to them!

The whole birthing process took about 3 hours, a bit long for dolphins, but with no complications whatsoever. The little dolphin hadn’t been named yet when this video was posted, but he weighed the impressive sum of 25 pounds, and was of 3 feet in length. He looks so bright and amazing right out of the womb, dolphins are really a stunning sight, every time.

Sam Cejtin, a photographer who works at the aquarium was the man lucky enough to capture this moment on video, and thanks to him, you can see now the moment the little baby dolphin just pops out of his mom. So beautiful!

Watch this incredible dolphin birth, down in the video we put below!

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