Recovering Veterans Receive Equine Therapy! Their Reaction is Heartrending! You’ll be Amazed!

It is known that soldiers returning from deployment suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  This is the story of one woman’s fight and victory, aided by an amazing noble animal!

Given the huge incidence of this problem, therapists have deviced several treatments to help survivors cope, animal therapy has shown incredible results. Usually dogs are the go-to medicine prescribed to help bring joy into veterans lives.  However horses are also a great relief source.

Saratoga WarHorse is a facility that specializes in equine therapy to aid soldiers cope with their emotional scars. Horses have a way to calm humans to their very core, their noble temper and soothing movements provide a cathartic experience that helps, veterans, in this particular video, find solace.

You can watch the full transformation immediately, this is the reason why the founder of the center, a war veteran himself, enjoys and promotes horses as therapy animals.
A video of a group of veterans interacting with horses can be seen below.  Their relief and joy is clear as day and there is no doubt of the power held by an animal-human connection.

In the featured clip you can see the emotional distress being tackled and forgotten, with tears that swept away by the compassion of the beautiful animals! SHARE this video to show how animals can be amazing therapy-aides!

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