This Red Fox Gets Some Cuddles From The Man Who Rescued Him, And It’s TOO Cute!

As we’ve mentioned in other videos before, it’s very well known that many different species of animals have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. This has made them become domesticated, which means they’re better off living with us and as part of our society.

But what’s more fascinating is when animals that are not domesticated at all befriend humans because of the bond they build when facing hardships. It’s important to note that foxes are naturally wild and should not live with people unless it’s because of incontrollable circumstances, like in the video we’ll show you right below.

Here you will witness a heartwarming moment, as Geoff, a fox of 7 years of age who lives in the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, a facility in the United Kingdom where many red foxes live after being rescued and nursed to health by people. These animals find it very difficult when reintroduced to the wild, and it’s best to keep them close to humans even after they’ve become adults. Geoff is having the time of his life with the man who saved him back when he was just a cub, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Watch this adorable fox right below.


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