Red Skelton Does Monologue About Controversial Subject. It’s Just As Relevant Today!

We live in a time where people decry political correctness, which, while sometimes becoming too heavy-handed, is an honest attempt at having fundamental decency to each other. It’s long been a hot-button issue, and it will continue to be for as long as we live. People in the spotlight, either celebrities or politicians, have also not hesitated to weigh in with their thoughts. Take this video from the 1960’s from Red Skelton’s show.

Skelton talks about the Pledge of Allegiance and brings up an old schoolteacher of his, adopting his persona as he breaks down the words which many of the students seem to just be mumbling by rote. He ends it by saying that since he was a boy, two states have been added and two words, “under God”. He remarks that it would be a pity if someone said that those two words made it a prayer and that have it be removed too.

I can understand where he’s coming from in certain parts of his dissection of the Pledge of Allegiance. Who knows what he would think of today’s nation, which is even more fractured than Skelton’s time in the 1960’s, when the United States was roiled by the Vietnam War. Oh, yes, then there was that little skirmish of infighting called the Civil War. We need to come together, not apart, but that will prove difficult with a certain person in the White House.

The biggest argument here is about the words “under God”. We’re a nation of many different religions, be it Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist… you name it. While it would be nice to think that this term was meant as an umbrella for all the different religions, it’s not so. Even though many so-called Christians are barking all around about being oppressed… they are more like the oppressors, pushing their beliefs on top of everyone else’s… and Skelton was too, with that closing line.

Now, don’t read the YouTube comments unless you like reading about people yelling back and forth about liberals and conservatives. I feel that the line between church and state has been blurred for a long time… though it should be made clearer. Please leave respectful comments below… to us and to each other. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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