She Reels In A Big Catch When She Is Out Fishing With Dad. But His Reaction Made Me Crack Up!

You never know what you can expect from kids. They can leave you surprised and speechless by the simplest things they can do. And it is even better when they do something amazing because of what they have learned from you! This video features a dad who is exceptionally proud of his daughter for what she has done!

The cute girl in this video is small, but she can do some is really amazing. Zoey performs all the techniques Dad has taught her with a pink fishing pole designed for little kids. I can’t imagine how much patience this girl has to sit there and wait for a bite. When she finally catches something and starts reeling it in, she doesn’t need any help. And the proud dad’s reaction is the best thing!

This little girl is actually just five years old and she’s fishing with her Barbie fishing pole. A day out with dad is the best thing in the world, but it gets even better when she hooks a big fish and reels it in all by herself! She asks for dad’s help, but he tells her she has to do it all by herself. So she does!

Turns out she caught a huge bass over 20 inches long, and she really did it by herself. With a Barbie fishing pole! Now that’s quite an endorsement for the quality of this kid’s fishing pole.

Watch this daddy daughter duo in the video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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