Reggae ‘Voice ‘Singer Royce Lovett Belts Out Wyclef Jean’s ‘911’ and Judges Can’t Get Enough

Watch a Rock-Star in the Making Sing His Way Onto ‘Team Gwen’

For his attempt to win over ‘The Voice’s’ judge, Royce Lovett decided to supply a rendition of Wycliff Jean’s iconic track’ 911′. One thing is for sure. This young man sure picked the right genre.

His onstage presence and powerful delivery earned him the attention of multiple teams, but there was one star that was clearly the best match.

Gwen Stefani was the first to turn crying out “Yes in appreciation of the raw strength behind this performer’s words.

og1 Reggae ‘Voice ‘Singer Belts Out Wyclef Jean’s ‘911’ and Judges Can’t Get Enough

Jamming on ‘The Voice’ has never looked so good, and at the moment when this man looked like he was having the most fun, Blake must have been able to feel it. As he turned, Gwen rose off her chair, calling Blake a fake before strutting to the stage.

Not even this attention could pull this singer away from his soulful delivery carrying as much natural swag as range and flawless tone. John Legend picked up on a few minor pitch and tone issues but was eager to offer his help.

Rushing to shut up an eager Legend, Gwen decided to put forth her case as, after all – she did pick first as she pointed out. “Your voice is so animated – you can feel the undertone of the reggae, but then you’re bringing it to this modern place, this rock place.”

“If you don’t pick me, I’ll be so embarrassed,” confessed Gwen, with Kelly owning up that she didn’t turn because of believing that Gwen and Royce make the perfect match.

“In the name of God – can I talk now?” moaned Blake trying to put forth his plea amidst the two judges conversation. Starting off his attempt at winning Royce’s support, Blake began “I have a lake playlist that consists of Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet,”

When this judge knows he’s beaten, he just becomes funnier. A few seconds of teasing made Blake declare “All right. Screw it. Just pick her,” referencing the obvious choice, Gwen.

Less than a second worth of deliberation showed that Royce Lovett had already made his mind up long ago. ‘Team Gwen’ is now one singer stronger and we can’t wait to see what these two come up with.

This star has been drawing the attention of many acclaimed brands and institutions. He’ll soon be featuring a TedX talk, and this is certainly not the last we’ve seen of this outspoken young man.

He even managed to make a mention on the ‘Jimmy Fallon Show’ – a fact that Royce was eager to share on social media.

Reggae \'Voice \'Singer Royce Lovett Belts Out Wyclef Jean\'s \'911\' and Judges Can\'t Get Enough