Reggie Jackson slugs three homers in 1977 world series. That’s only one thing about this decade.

1977 was a weird year. It had some of the biggest highs – a film franchise that changed the entire movie industry and some of the biggest lows – the death of an American icon and also a serial killer terrorizing an entire city during a sweltering summer. That’s why this video here is so fascinating. I was a mere lad then, but I found myself remembering many things. Disco though… disco never happened.

This video is over 14 minutes long, so I’m not going to be able to recount everything that appears in it, but it covers a wide range of topics, including television, movies, music, sports, entertainment and even those who died. If you were alive during that time or are curious about what life was like that year, tune it. I had so many memories come back to me when I was viewing this.

I was five years old in ’77, so I didn’t see a lot of these TV shows. I did get to see the big movie that spawned a franchise that is still going strong four decades later: Star Wars. There was one point that I had a room full of Star Wars related things – sleeping bag, bed sheets, clothes, action figures, toilet paper – just kidding on the last one, but “Spaceballs” did spoof that merchandising obsession. I think many kids were like me then.

The video ends with an “In Memoriam” section, highlighting people who passed that year. The list included Freddie Prinze, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Finch, Bing Crosby, and of course, Elvis Presley. It ends with how TV channels would each night, going to a station signal that would be on all night until 6am. Now we have streaming television that we could watch all night.. if we wanted to, that is.

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