Rejected By The Parents The Baby Could Have Died, But What Happened Is Nothing But A MIRACLE!

This adorable love bird was abandoned by his parents. This special love bird, Benjamin, was born with splayed legs. Due to his condition, he was unable to stand or walk properly, and as with the laws of nature, his parents abandoned him. They fed the other two siblings, but not him. So his siblings actually fed him.

After he was a bit bigger and more developed, he was taken to vet for treatment. His legs were splinted for sixteen days. After the splint was removed, he could walk and was much better, but still not entirely normal. His family still didn’t accept him. He had loving humans though, and they cared very much for him.

His splint was then replaced by a soft make up sponge with two little holes after seven days. Gradually his legs started recovering and as a result, he was able to get back to his normal self and he began to walk normally. Only after completing five weeks of treatment did his father started feeding him and finally accepted him.

Happily, walking isn’t the only thing little Benjamin can do! He can fly! Wait until you see him spread his wings at the end of this clip, and show his human how much he loves her.

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