She Was Rejected By Her Siblings And Getting Sick, But I Was In Tears When This Happened

Siblings can be really mean sometimes, but in the animal world, there is usually some reason why siblings will reject one of their own. It happens if one sibling is weaker than the others or if there is just something different about one of them. If you had a brother or a sister growing up, you probably know what I’m talking about when it comes to being mean to a sibling, even though we usually grow out of this as humans and become quite close with our siblings. In the animal kingdom though, it can be really hard if you are the runt of the litter, and that’s exactly what happened to the tiny little pup in this video. Breeders Adele and Claude Bisson have seen animals being oppressed and pushed away by their older siblings many times, but when this tiny pooch was born, they were really worried.

They are from Ontario, Canada and they specialize in Yorkshire Terriers and Biewer Terriers. All of us know that not every puppy is born healthy, and some don’t live very long when this is the case, but now with modern veterinary medicine, many things are possible that weren’t just a few years ago. Lilly Blossom was the runt of the litter that benefited from some of this modern medicine, and lots of love from her human parents. This poor baby was rejected by her siblings and was unable to eat on her own. She wasn’t strong enough to fight for space amongst the others. She was getting worse with time, so the Bissons knew they had to take charge themselves. Thankfully Adele came up with a genius plan to get her better.

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