She was rejected by her siblings & getting worse over time. When this happened? I’m in tears!

If you have siblings, you probably know how mean they can get. It is especially hard if you are the runt of the litter. If something like that happened to you as a kid, you might relate well to this video. Breeders Adele and Claude Bisson have seen animals being bullied and pushed away by their old siblings many times, but they were particularly worried about this tiny little pup in the video.

These breeders from Ontario, Canada specialize in Yorkshire Terriers and Biewer Terriers. But not all puppies are born with perfect health and this tiny puppy is one of them. She is named Lilly Blossom and the poor pup was rejected by her siblings. She was unable to eat on her own. The puppy was getting weaker with time, so they knew they had to do something themselves. The video shows how Adele was able to come up with a brilliant plan to get this tiny pup better.

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