They Release Untamed Horses Into The Mountains, But A Few Months Later, They Do The Unthinkable

There’s a tradition in Iceland where farmers release all of their younger horses into the northern mountainside so that they are able to run free. Farmers do this because it allows horses to develop a sense of independence that they would otherwise never achieve. As we all know, horses are majestic and resilient creatures, so it makes sense that having full contact with the wild can allow them to unlock their full potential. And in a country like Iceland, there is certainly enough wide open space for them to do this.

As autumn comes in, so does the time to get the horses back from the mountains and into the farms, so the farm communities gather together to seek out all of the young horses and herd them back home. This entire tradition is known as göngur. You can see in the clip how the community comes together, even the children, to celebrate the release of the horses. You will hear one man’s views on living in this village in Iceland and how great it is that this tradition continues. You will also get a glimpse of this stunningly beautiful place called Iceland.

The video below shows us a glimpse of what this amazing tradition entails, and as you will see for yourself, it doesn’t seem easy at all. It can take an especially high toll on the older farmers, but they do it for the sake of their beloved tradition and their horses. It’s fantastic that people can gather together for amazing activities like göngur!

You can watch this incredible and noble tradition for yourself in the video just below from here.

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