Relive 15+ heartwarming moments where people save animals during floods

Floods and other natural disasters bring out the best in most of us. They also make us grow closer to our friends and family. Unfortunately, they are also reminders of just how quickly someone’s life can change. I remember reading about the floods that Hurricane Harvey had caused for residents of the Houston area. The damage it caused made people remember the natural disasters that had hit Florida over the past few years.

These floods affected many people in ways they could not have imagined. Many of them had not even prepared for a contingency as this one. They lost everything, and I am not only talking about their homes. For some of them, the fact of losing their valuables, important documents, and other things was simply too much to bear.

The good thing that we could salvage from this was that it drew a lot of people closer. You saw neighbors get together to help each other to salvage as much as they could. In some cases, it was a couple of appliances that could be saved, in others it was valuables such as jewelry that had a lot of sentimental value for the owners.

I remember seeing the case of an elderly woman who had lost a safety chess with her family’s jewels. These jewels did not only have a lot of sentimental value for her, but they carried real monetary one as well. It was like her family’s treasure in a chest. Among the many valuables was a pendant that had been passed through many generations in her family, ever since her ancestors came from Great Britain.

A group of her neighbors decided to help her search for it for several hours until one man found it. He took it to the lady who opened it and confirmed her pendant, and everything was there. Including some documents which had been vacuumed packed. She would not say what the documents were for, but I am guessing they were very important to her.

But what about pets? Many pets were not taken by their owners at the time they were fleeing because their owners simply didn’t have time. Remember the panic that the floods had caused. People didn’t even take the basic things with them because they had no way of carrying them.

Fortunately, I found a video that will make you happy. A large group of neighbors also got together to rescue pets that were left behind. After rescuing them, they helped them reunite with their owners. This video is a great display of heart, love, and compassion. You don’t want to miss it!