Do You Remember the Beatles First Press Conference? THIS Brings Back Memories

Feb. 7, 1964, was a truly momentous day in the annals of U.S. pop culture… and to an extent, history. The Beatles came to America, and nothing has been the same since. Their plane touched down at JFK Airport and the noise from the screaming fans there was probably as loud as any of the departing or arriving airplanes. They went to a press conference and went on to conduct one of the more memorable interviews ever.

We see the four shaggy-haired men standing at a podium. They are completely at ease answering questions from the assembled members of the press. This is well before the days of cell-phones and Skype, so it’s a treat to hear them talking live.


Ringo is the most boisterous of the four, which plays to his type. Paul seems to be the most polished, and George is quiet, but not afraid to chime in with a snarky remark. The four lads from Liverpool are showing amazing comedic timing. When asked if any of them are going to get haircuts, George smirks and says, “Well, I got one yesterday…”

There’s rarely a non-sarcastic – but oh-so-funny – reply from any of them. It’s clear that they are all hams and they are relishing their time in the spotlight. Who knew that they were going to become the most famous band in the world? The reporters in that press conference sure didn’t.


The quartet shout their names out in unison in the order that they are standing: “Paul, Ringo, George, and John!” Pretty soon thereafter, everyone would know their name. Well, except for that one island where the natives kill anyone who lands on it – they probably didn’t know the Beatles. But everywhere else, yes, they were well-known.

Do You Remember the Beatles First Press Conference? THIS Brings Back Memories