Remember The Bee Gees? Do You Know THIS 1967 Song? A Classic!

It’s not necessary to have been born in the 60’s to know The Bee Gees and their many, many hits. They are undoubtedly one of the most famous pop bands since that decade, and they have stayed that way ever since. However, you might not know this, but the bands origin is actually dated even earlier, in the 1950’s. And you still hear them at weddings and big parties nowadays! That’s impressive!

The exact year of the band’s start is 1958. In this all-American trio, made up from the eldest brother Barry and the younger twins, Robin and Maurice, had a different start that you’d expect when they were only getting into the music industry. The Bee Gees are very famous for their disco music, but before the 70’s, they played a very different kind of music. “To Love Somebody” is one of their biggest ballad hits from that time. Recorded and released in 1967, it has a soulful vibe to it that is very different from all the disco hits they’re most known for, because it was originally written for an R&B musician, Otis Redding. After Redding’s passing in a tragic airplane crash, they picked up the song themselves.

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