What Do You Remember From Graduation? Was It The Number One Song Topping The Charts That Year?

Growing up, music played such an important part of our lives. We got caught up in the dance trends, listened to our favorite songs on the radio, and built up our record collections before proudly showing them off whenever we could.

When records changed to cassette tapes, we spent hours listening to the radio and waiting for that one song to come on so that we could record it and take it with us everywhere we went. Even better yet, we would use the radio to create a mix tape for our crushes.

One thing I don’t think that we miss about cassette tapes is dealing with fixing them when the player decided to take a bite. Do you remember the pencil trick? We do!

Looking back, we notice that certain songs have a special place in our hearts because of the memories that they conjure up.

If you’re like us, music had such a large impact on your life during high school; these were the formative years when we experienced so many things!

Knowing that music played a major role in our lives, we decided to do a little research, and look up the number one song on the Billboards from the years we went to high school.

Below are the top songs from 1960-1989.

What year did you graduate? Is your song included in this list or do we need to expand our horizons? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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