Remember “Tigger” From Winnie The Pooh? Here He Is In Real Life!

Winnie The Pooh has been not only a household name for many years, but a favorite of many a family. The memorable characters, the kind and patient qualities they all seem to have, it appears this is just the right combination all need for not only growing up, but also growing. The memorable character Tigger was always full of energy and always joking around. He had quite an impact on the show, as most of the other characters may have been a bit passive or complacent when it came to not only interactions, but also in resolution. Tigger always had that pop of “let’s do it now, what are we waiting for, guys?”

Yet, when it comes to large cats in real life, it seems the clouded leopard is not only rare and now scarce, but they also are responsible for the spread of cats throughout the world. Or at least the originators of spreading the bloodlines that would explain all the different kinds of cats in the world. They all have ties it seems to the clouded leopard. They have been noted as the most ancient cats around and alive, with the genetic makeup and blueprints that all cats seem to have today. They may very well be one of the most essential pieces when it comes to understanding cats and where they came from. This astoundingly beautiful and important piece of a massive puzzle that is “where did cats originate?”

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