Remembering Long John Silver’s Back In The Day

Do you remember the days when a visit to Long John Silver’s was like stepping into a nautical adventure? Of course, you do! Those Cape Cod style shacks with seaside decorations and that unmistakable aroma of battered fish wafting through the air. Oh, how long for the times when we could ring that captain’s bell on our way out, feeling like pirates!

Picture this: Lexington, Kentucky, 1969. The first Long John Silver’s Fish and Chips opened, named after the notorious pirate from Treasure Island. Before settling on the name, the founders, Warren Rosenthal and Jim Patterson, even toyed with other maritime-themed names like Limey’s and Barnacle Bills. What a hoot!

They say that “good things come in small packages,” and Long John Silver’s was no exception. With a limited menu of battered fish, chicken, French fries, and hush puppies, it was love at first bite! And who could forget the way they expanded their seafood offerings in the 70s, even changing their name to Long John Silver’s Seafood Shops to reflect the variety?

During the 80s, Long John Silver’s was the king of the fast fish market, but as with all great empires, they faced their share of stormy seas. Despite the challenges, they always found a way to keep sailing. Remember when they teamed up with movies like The Little Rascals and Lost in Space? Their clever promotions really reeled us in!

Nowadays, with around 650 locations nationwide, there’s still time to enjoy a basket of their iconic fried fish batter or channel your inner pirate. But if you’re yearning for that nostalgic experience, make sure to check out the video that takes you on a trip down memory lane. So, gather your crew, set sail for your nearest Long John Silver’s, and let’s treasure those memories together. Don’t forget to like and share because sharing is caring and will bring smiles to those who remember the charm of Long John Silver’s!

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Remembering Long John Silver\'s Back In The Day