Remote professional thrives in her 400-square-foot tiny house

Pamela lives on a farm in Austin, Texas. Instead of a big farmhouse, she lives in a 399-square-foot tiny home! After living in apartments and houses for most of her life, she was ready to downsize into a space where she could truly make it her own.

Moving into a tiny home allowed Pamela to live in her own space and have lower overhead costs. With the money she saves, she can travel more than she did before.

Despite being a small space, Pamela’s full-size furniture does not make the space crowded or hard to maneuver. She knew that decor would also be important to her and wanted to display all her essential items.

Eventually, the model she chose was multifunctional and showcased her own personal style. For example, her beautiful wooden kitchen island is used for food prep but can also be moved around to make space for guests.

As with most tiny homes, storage was a priority. Pamela does not struggle with storage space and finds giving things away easier the longer she lives in the tiny house and continues to downsize.

The rest of the space includes a washer/dryer, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom loft, and an office where she can work her 9 to 5 remote job.

Pamela says that anyone considering alternative housing styles should know that it isn’t for everyone. She recommends zeroing in on where the motivation comes from before making a purchase. Until her next adventure, she enjoys her tiny lifestyle to the fullest.

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