Reporter rolls around in laughter after hearing this chicken farmer’s hilarious laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. So they say, but did you know that laughter is actually beneficial to us? The study of laughter is called “gelotology” and it reveals some very interesting facts about something that we all take for granted. A 2005 study by the “University Of Maryland Medical Center” stated that laughter causes dilatation of the inner blood vessels. Oh dear, you may be thinking, that doesn’t sound good, but in fact, it is very good for you. This actually increases your blood flow, now that’s got to be good for you right? Now, if you read the report there is a whole bunch of big words in it that only doctors can understand, but what they are basically saying is that when you laugh the brain releases endorphins which in turn release nitric oxide that causes dilatation in the blood vessels……… keeping up?

Right……. let’s go again…….when you laugh, the endorphins that the brain releases can also relieve pain, yes that’s right, laughter is a natural pain reliever. It only gets better from here. Laughter also boosts the number of antibody-producing cells and stimulates the effectiveness of T-cells. Whoa, that sounds fantastic…….but what does it mean? Well in simple terms, it means that laughter strengthens the immune system. Have you heard of a man called Sigmund Freud? Of course, you have, well he said that laughter releases tension and ‘psychic energy” he called it the “Relief theory”.

Well we’ve all learned something today, haven’t we? Did you know that a normal laugh has a structure? Apparently, there are two ways of laughing, there is the ha-ha-ha laugh, and then there is the ho-ho-ho laugh. Now there can be variations on this such as ho-ha-ha or ha-ho-ho, but there can never be ha-ho-ha-ho. This is, according to the laugh police, physically impossible, who would have thought? These clever scientists have also noted that when someone laughs, their eyes moisten as a reflex action from the tear gland……….AMAZING……you can cry laughing!

Laughter it seems is very good for you, it has been used as a theory for years, why? Because it is a natural form of medicine. Its benefits are many fold. For a start, laughter is FREE! Studies have shown that laughter is good for a person’s physical and social well-being………WOW…….it also can relieve stress and ….guess what……it can relax the whole body…… is said that laughter can also help prevent heart disease., why? Because it increases the blood flow and helps improve the function of blood vessels.

Let’s face it, laughter is good for us, and makes us feel great, the sad thing is that the world of today doesn’t give us much to laugh about. The clip below will give you a good dose of natural medicine, as you won’t be able to stop laughing at the antics of the reporter in the clip. You see, he is interviewing a man who owns a chicken farm, but also laughs like a chicken, which has the jovial-journalist rolling in fits of laughter. Take a look, and try not to laugh……I bet you can’t.