A reporter saves many horses from a California wildfire during the live broadcast!

California firefighters have been very busy recently. There have been a handful of wildfires that have caused massive damage. Stopping these wildfires would prove to be a tricky thing. Four of the massive wildfires consumed everything in their path. There were thousands of acres of land burned to a crisp. To make matters worse, these wildfires didn’t look like they were going away.

Intense winds have been the culprits for these disasters as they continue to fan the flames. These fires have been covered by a wide array of reporters. One of them was about to make headlines in more ways than one. Kristine Lazar is one of the reporters who was assigned to cover the fires. This was one assignment that required a journalist with ice water running through their veins.

Most journalists might have turned down this idea, but Kristine is not like most reporters. She found herself in a moment that required fast thinking and she was able to rise to the occasion in a wonderful way. She went from a regular reporter to a hero while she was delivering an important report from Gibson Ranch.

This ranch is a family-owned business that provides boarding for numerous horses. The ranch is also used to host various equine events. All of this was in jeopardy as the wildfires had reached the ranch and firefighters had yet to arrive on the scene. Kristine and her cameraman were in the right place at the right time. If they did not do something about it, these horses would be in a great deal of danger.

Fortunately, this reporter was not one to let this fire take all those lives. She answered the call like a true hero.
The smoke was very thick, and it got very difficult to breathe. Kristine was having a tough time keeping her eyes open. It was also hard for the reporter to speak or gather her thoughts. In a time like this, a person needs to act quickly. Kristine acted on instinct and managed to get to the horses in the nick of time. She also called out to the volunteers on hand who helped her guide the horses to safety.

Dozens of horses were saved in the nick of time. Kristine is more than a professional. She’s a hero who even picked up her report where she had left it off once the horses were safe. Once she did, she said that she had already had more than enough excitement for the year! I could not agree with her more. Click on the video to see everything happen in real time. This is one exciting video!