Reporter’s Quick Action Keeps Him Safe From Sudden Onset of Bison Herd

Out of the many things that the average reporter contemplates encountering in his or her career, a charging bison is certainly not the first to come to mind. Deion Broxton, an NBC Montana on-site reporter at Yellowstone National Park, was busy recording his standup when he suddenly noticed a herd of bison approaching.

Taking proper action, the reporter stopped his recording and slowly distanced himself from the herd. Consequently, this is the perfect reaction to handle others in a public place. Social distancing is the only way to prevent the spread of contagion during a pandemic or similar state of emergency. Once Broxton was a safe distance away, he proceeded to film the herd. Once you’re a safe distance away, it’s safe to talk. Stay safe. Be responsible. Stay healthy.

NBC Montana reporter Deion Broxton exhibits the correct way to handle encountering another human when social distancing is being called on by our nations. Just as he sees a herd of buffalo, startling him to back up and get away, you should too keep others out of your personal space before communicating or continuing your current doings.

Reporter\'s Quick Action Keeps Him Safe From Sudden Onset of Bison Herd