Rescue Baby Elephant Approaches A Man Driving A Tractor, You’ll Be AMAZED By Them!

In the video that we brought to show you today, you’ll see proof that love between animals and people isn’t exclusive to just domestic species. Cats and dogs get almost all the attention sure, but if treated with respect and in the way that they deserve, any kind of animal can create a deep bond with their human caretakers.

Meet Kham La, a baby elephant who was taken to an elephant sanctuary for safekeeping and raising since he was very young. Darrick, the man who had taken care of her, has grown very fond of her, and they share a bond that you’d only expect from the most loyal dogs. Darrick drives his tractor everyday by the elephant’s area, and Kham La always rushes to see him, in the most adorable way.

It’s crystal clear that Kham La loves Darrick very deeply, and she’s very thankful of all the effort and time that they have shared together. They’re best friends, and they spend every second that they can together. It’s always amazing to see just how deep the relationship between a person and a practically wild animal can share.

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