This rescue chipmunk enjoying his fresh bed sheets will warm your heart!

Take a moment to picture how excited kids get on their birthdays or Christmas. They’re on cloud nine, possibly even jumping up and down while hollering. The presents, the cake, and other goodies — what more could a kid want?

Now amp that excitement up even more and then imagine that it’s a chipmunk who’s ecstatic. We’re not talking about Alvin and his friends, but a real, live fur and cheek pouches chipmunk. That might sound a little crazy, but wait until you see how a rescue chipmunk reacted to a nice, fresh bedspread.

Normally you’d expect to find a chipmunk out in the woods. They’re expert tree climbers although they also appreciate logs, brush, and other places they can hide at ground level. Chipmunks dig surprisingly elaborate underground burrows and take great pains to camouflage the entrances with rocks, sticks, leaves, and whatever else is handy. Inside the burrow, there are special tunnels for waste and others for food storage (they use their adorable cheek pouches to transport food).

Chipmunk cuteness notwithstanding, people sometimes consider chipmunks pests. But in the woodland ecosystem, they play a highly beneficial role, helping to spread seeds and eating fungi that would otherwise take over the whole forest.

Speaking of cuteness, have a look at the video posted below. You’ll see the aforementioned rescue chipmunk having the time of his life on a fresh bedspread. He can’t believe how amazingly comfy it is. He’s opening his mouth with joy (and also yawning) while repeatedly stretching out and dragging himself along.

This little guy just can’t get enough of that wonderful fresh bedspread sensation! The video has been a big hit on the Internet, eliciting comments like, “You literally have no idea how happy this makes me,” and, “I just watched the ‘It’ movie and worried I’m going to have a bad dream when I go to sleep. So I’m watching this.”

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