Rescue dog insists on visiting the gym with dad every day

Rescue Dog and her human dad

Joshua’s boss’s husband had found a stray Labrador (later named Allie) freezing in a pile of leaves and decided to take her to a no-kill shelter. Later on, he told Joshua that he had to get this dog.

Rescue dog and her human dad

So, Joshua brought her home. Later, when they took Allie to the vet, the owners found that she had several litters of puppies. The kind man guessed that probably Allie was done having puppies, so they just abandoned her.

Allie just hid at the back of the cage for the first few months and would not come out unless they got her some treat or begged her to come out. Allie was so scared at first that the Labrador would always keep her tail in between her legs.

Rescue dog

However, after 6 months of staying with the family, Allie started to trust her new family. She was a perfect dog. She wouldn’t chew on anything or bark at anything. However, after 2 years of spending time with Joshua, Allie was a completely different dog.

Allie was really a happy, fun-loving dog. She won’t let Joshua go anywhere without her and even went to the gym every day. At the gym, the gentle Labrador ran and greeted everyone.

Rescue dog

Afterward, she would sit and watch her owner and the exercise of the others. She made sure that Joshua was never out of her sight. The owner was very protective of her and put her on a leash if they worked on weights around.

Even at the gym, Allie never stopped following Joshua. She literally went down and back with every lap he took. If Allie did not come to the gym, everyone there would keep asking Joshua about her. The owner believed that he had the world’s most perfect dog.

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