Rescue dog is lucky Kentucky man’s backyard superhero

Lexi, a rescue dog, lived with her owner, Matt, in Kentucky. The intelligent animal had fantastic agility skills. However, whenever she was out in the backyard, she behaved as if she was at a skatepark.

The adorable dog would grab her owner and then run door to door. Lexi would start jumping up and down the door. As soon as Matt let her out, she would go around her own path that she had carved out.

First, she’d go around the bush, around the tree, and then she would jump up to the top of the fence, come down, and go to the next part of the fence. The pet dog had found herself an essential job.

Lexi felt that her job was to keep the squirrels out of their yard. So the pet dog would run out to the yard, look around, and if she’d find a squirrel, she would chase the little ones away till they scampered up the trees.

Matt had taught the dog that all she should do was look at the squirrels and not hurt them. Max, the other pet dog of the owner, had a completely different energy level. Lexi’s sibling brother was her eyes and ears.

Whenever he would start barking, Lexi would jump on the fence. It was not just squirrels that interested her. If the pet dog heard any noise, she wanted to see what was going on. Max’s neighbors would often find the dog on top of the fence and greet her. Even people who walked by on the other side thought as if she was an 8-foot-dog.

Lexi was a stray dog who was very shy. But, she learned to adjust to her new family and loved cuddling with her owner. Soon, she started to show her crazy athletic ability. The jumping started to advance, and she started doing acrobatic stuff. Matt believed she could be a world-class jumping dog. He had to keep up with them, like being around kids. His whole world revolved around his dogs, and they loved him back.

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Rescue dog is lucky Kentucky man\'s backyard superhero