Rescue dog screams in fear when they pet him – then one day he warms up to an angel

This is one of those videos you might have a little trouble watching – but trust us, it is well worth the first uncomfortable few minutes. We all hate seeing an animal suffer, especially our faithful four-legged friends – and this little guy is no exception. He must have had a horrible experience to be so afraid, but thankfully for him – his life is about to turn around.

This adorable but vulnerable little creature is called Kayne – a rescue dog recuperating in Breasta Animal Shelter in Cracovia, Romania. The country has a significant stray and abandoned animal problem – particularly with dogs – but there are charities and shelters in place working round the clock to provide neglected animals with the care they need. You only have to hear Kayne’s terrified howl to understand what he must have gone through before being rescued.

Even as staff gently put their hands on his fur to try and calm him, the poor animal is crying a heart-breaking cry that will make you reach for the tissues yourself. Whoever has done this to the helpless pooch needs to be punished as severely as possible.

But from such a horrible backstory there comes a glimmer of hope. Kayne would slowly start to realise the joys of being a dog again, allowing rescue workers to pet him and coax him out of his terrified shell. He would make big improvements with his health and temperament, actually gaining 7.5 lbs while in foster care – such was how small the animal was when they found him – and how much he needed sustenance and love.

Kayne can then be seen playing outside in the sunshine again, clearly in much better health both physically and mentally. He even enjoys running with the other shelter animals – all rescued from some scumbag human who doesn’t deserve to live themselves.

Although the first few moments of this video are difficult to watch – it’s important that we do not turn away from the plight of dogs like Kayne. It’s a constant battle to fight animal abusers – in every country of the world – and we cannot shirk this challenge or look elsewhere.

Watch this tough video below – but remember that it has a wonderfully happy ending and Kayne will go on to lead a much healthier life in a forever home with a family that genuinely loves him! Other pups are not so lucky – so stay vigilant to abuse and report mistreatment as soon as possible! Share to spread the word!