Rescue dog terrified of going outside gets help from doggie sister

Kita, a stray dog, was alone for weeks on acres and acres of property. The poor dog was soaking wet and terrified. Kayla, from “Cross Your Paws Rescue,” took the tiny one home that day.

The innocent animal had utterly shut down and was broken. Kita tucked herself into a small area. She was just scared of everything. Whenever she went out, she would freeze. It was like she was afraid of being left out again.

At first, she would not make eye contact with her foster mom. However, the foster mom would sometimes pick up the dog and place her on the couch. Four or five days later, Kita lay right next to her.

The foster mom was thrilled as the dog started reacting and was comfortable in her new home. She craved affection from her foster parents and gradually became friendly with the other dogs.

Soon, Kita had moved on from being a sad, wet puppy caught in a crate to cuddling on a couch. She accepted love and asked for affection. It was a significant change.

Julie felt super connected when she saw Kita’s pictures. The family knew that they would be adopting her, and they would be her forever home. Kita was very timid when she first came down and wanted to hide. She did not allow anyone to touch her.

The first time she went walking outside, Kita had no interest. However, later on, her sisters helped her to go out on walks. They were right there for her. Kita was timid, but as she saw her other siblings, Flare and Raven, take off, she felt comfortable and started to play with them. Now, she loves to go out, is very cuddly, and enjoys spending time with her family.

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Rescue dog terrified of going outside gets help from doggie sister