Rescue Dog Throws Himself From Helicopter Into The Ocean To Save Helpless Victim

Dogs are great pets to have at home. Many people believe that dogs help balance the atmosphere of the home. At times of distress, they provide comfort to their owners. Whenever there’s an argument they help take the focus of the argument itself and place it on them. Dogs are not only used for pets. In many cases, they are used as Shepherd dogs. Many breeds have a natural instinct for protecting and herding cows and sheep. They can also alert whenever they sensed danger approaching.

These dogs originated in Europe, where they were used extensively. In many branches in America, many of these breeds are still used. We have covered other juices of dogs like guarding. There is one important application for them and it’s as rescue dogs. Many organizations in the world including the Red Cross and others have used rescue dogs in their operations for many years. They are easy to train and very effective. Some of the most popular breeds used for rescue are Labradors, retrievers, German shepherds, etc.

There is another breed which is very well known in Europe. These breeds have started to gain popularity in America as it has started to become used. This breed is called the Newfoundland. This is a large dog with very thick hair. Initially, it was used for herding purposes. Later, people discovered that it was an exceptional swimmer. Thanks to the dog’s webbed feet and their incredible strength these dogs can swim for extended periods of time.

They can also do this while dragging a human victim along the water. They have participated in very risky rescue missions. Some of these missions involved the use of a helicopter. That’s right, they can even jump from a helicopter into the ocean to rescue victims. How do they do this? They need to go through extensive training where they are taught various rescuing techniques. This training usually lasts for at least three years.

In the next video, you will see these dogs in action. This is part of the drill word docs participate for the handlers to evaluate their skills. The dogs are prepared in their headquarters and even though they are very good swimmers, they are equipped with a life vest. The reason for this is in the rescue missions they must track people. Without this like best they would be at risk of sinking themselves. The vast also has signs that show he is a rescue dog. He then boards a helicopter along with the rescue team.

The helicopter takes off to the coordinates where the victim is waiting for them. They position the dog a few feet from the victim and help him jump. The dog quickly swims towards the victim and the victim hangs onto the dog. Even when dragging a person through the water the dogs excellent swimming skills can be seen. The rescued victim is very glad to hang on to the dog. The dog and the victim are then raised to the helicopter where they are taken to safety. These breed is starting to be recognized as one of the best rescue breeds. It doesn’t only make a very good rescue dog, but also an excellent pet!