Rescue dogs meet their new owners for the first time – their reactions are incredible

It seems the world is always going to have a problem with stray dogs or animals that have been mistreated, abused and cast aside. Sometimes these animals are left for dead, inhumanely killed, or thrown out to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, even healthy and full-of-life dogs can be picked up by high-rate kill centres and they are exterminated – because nobody wants to give them a forever home. This is where Tracy’s Dogs step in.

Barking out of San Antonio, Tracy’s Dogs is a rather unique animal rescue society. A not-for-profit organisation, they actively go to the kill shelters and rescue the dogs who are targeted to be put to sleep. Then they put them up for adoption on their website and can receive as many as 30 to 50 applications for each animal.

Working in conjunction with Petsmart, Tracy’s Dogs offer a sort of travelling roadshow of adopted pups, touring all over the country to set up meet and greets with the animal’s new owners, and unite previously unwanted dogs with loving forever homes.

Tracy began the venture during a period of unemployment, visiting the kill centres and taking photographs of the animals there and then posting them online. She was inundated with requests to save the dogs, and an idea was formed. From humble beginnings, Tracy’s Dogs continue to give thousands of pooches a new lease of life and a new family.

In the video below, the reactions of the new doggy moms and dads are absolutely adorable, and you’re going to want to keep those tissues on hand! The families have never met their new pet, having only seen pictures or video online, so it’s an emotional and exciting moment for everyone involved. You won’t believe what happens as each pooch is handed out to their new owners – there’s not a dry eye in the house!

Watch this incredible footage of this wonderful charity – and give them your support if you can. These animals deserve a second chance at a loving family home – and Tracy’s Dogs is providing a wonderful service to the community – and most importantly – a wonderful service to those beautiful creatures we call dogs. Remember – it’s always better to adopt a dog than it is to buy one because there are so many out there that desperately need our help. Watch and share this video and help get the word out for Tracy and her dogs!