“Separated From His Friend, He Fell Into Depression, But What He Does NEXT Will Leave You In TEARS!”

This video tells the fascinating story of animal friendships. Mr. G, the goat, was brought into a sanctuary to be looked out for after being rescued from an animal hoarding case in Southern California. Mr. G was fine, at the sanctuary, but he was very depressed. Watch the video to understand why!

Mr. G was missing his pal Jellybean! Jellybean, a burro, was Mr. G’s best friend. They had met in Southern California, and they were inseparable. Mr. G refused to eat and move because his friend wasn’t there.

Finally they got the message and brought Jellybean to the sanctuary, and Mr. G immediately changed. He finally started eating again, playing, moving. He was a completely different goat.  This goes to show that animals can form deep friendships as well.

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