This Rescue Group Got A Call About A Bleeding Stray Dog. When They Got There? OMG!

Dog fighting is both illegal and abhorrent. Those who rear dogs for this hideous activity have a practice of using ‘bait’ dogs to increase the aggression in their top fighting dogs. As a result, bait dogs suffer horribly under these monsters.

Rescuers from ‘Love That Dog, Hollywood’ received a call about a dog bleeding profusely on the street. When they found her she was in a terrible state and they did not expect her to live much longer.

But this dog had a strength within her. The rescuers took her in and gave her the medical treatment she needed to live. With the right medical care, and her own tenacity, she recovered after 2 years of intensive recovery. Now she lives with Shelley and her family and is loved very much.

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