Rescue Mommy Holds Baby Squirrel On Bed. Wait Until You See Him Chowing Down!

I once had a rescue situation with a squirrel. He was a baby that was stuck in between my neighbor’s screen and window. He was in constant motion, trying to find a way out. With another neighbor’s help, we lifted up the screen and he quickly clambered out and leaped onto the lawn. He didn’t even stop to look at us for thanks. Oh well. I thought about that incident when I saw this video.

We first see one baby squirrel hopping around a bed. He has longish ears and shaggy hair. He’s apparently a red squirrel. There’s a woman sitting on the side of the bed, holding a thick, black towel. There’s another baby squirrel in it… after a moment, she puts it on the bed and he’s off and running around for a bit. Both of them seem quite comfortable with the presence of the woman.

After both squirrels hop of the bed, we see one of them cozying up in a towel, with nuts around him. He’s chewing on them as fast as he can and he looks SO content while he’s doing this. His rescue mommy strokes his head while he’s eating and he closes his eyes in pure bliss. It’s such a nice sight to see. Hopefully he and his other rescue buddy will recover quickly and be able to find a way out into the world of nature again.

One thing, before anyone gets upset here. These are not squirrels that were suddenly snatched from their original habitats and their parents. They were rescued, which likely means that the parents were gone or incapacitated. For all we know, these could be licensed animal rescuers. The woman holding the one squirrel in a towel seems to know exactly what she is doing. So, please, no angry comments there.

I thought both squirrels were SO adorable, the way that they were climbing around the bed. Of course, my cats would go nuts if they saw these. How about you? Have you had any squirrel experience? Tell us all about it in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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