She Rescued This Parrot And Brought Him Home. But When She Saw What He Can Do? LOL!

This bird is a survivor. Cameron the parrot had a broken beak and he was found outside in Minnesota. Elizabeth, Cameron’s savior ]rushed him to the vet and and later took him home. Today, Cameron is happy and content in his furever home.

This lucky parrot has learned how to do something truly funny. I am totally amazed how this parrot is able to forget his past sorrows and is trying to lift everyone’s spirit.

Parrots of course to be intelligent, comical and engaging. This certainly holds true for Cameron. According to the video description, Cameron began to laugh when Elizabeth started laughing.

But after some moment, it begame really hard to make him stop. That is when his new mommy decided to grab her camera and record this epic moment of this adorable parrot.

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