Rescue Worker Called In To Examine Tree. He Was Stunned With What He Found.

There are many different types of animal rescues. They can be stuck under a house, in a wall, inside a car engine, in a tree. You name it and these rescue workers have done it. There are various levels of difficulty too, with some requiring some extra equipment. There are other times where the situation is a little less dangerous. Take the video that we see right here of a kitten rescue.

We see a ladder being placed on the side of a tree. The tree is about eight or so feet tall. A woman had called in saying she had heard meows coming from the tree. They sounded like kittens to her. So here comes someone from the Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (S.M.A.R.T) to try to get these little fellas to safety. Once the S.M.A.R.T. rescuer makes his way up the ladder, he’s amazed to see who has burrowed themselves into this nest: two kittens, with no mommy in sight.

The rescuer, who seems to be wearing a GoPro camera on his head, is impressed that the kittens managed to be placed where they are in the tree. “Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it.” He even pulls out his phone to take a picture of them. Carefully pushing the thick branches aside, he reaches in and pulls out a kitten. “Newborn.” Then he pulls out a second. Their pitiful mews are both so cute and so heartbreaking at the same time.

Once he’s back on the ground, the S.M.A.R.T. rescuer talks with the woman who called it in. She takes them in a crate and says they will be bottle-fed and fostered until they get a forever home of their own. Judging by how cute they are, I think people will want to adopt them within .01 nanoseconds of them being posted online. I wrote about another S.M.A.R.T rescuer who had to find kittens in a wall. This one was much easier for them.

Weren’t these kittens ADORABLE? I couldn’t believe how cute they were.

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