Rescue worker writes dog abuser a letter – you’ll be cheering for what she says!

When Brooke Rapozo – a worker at the Kings SPCA Rescue centre in California – discovered Banjo – an abandoned dog fending for himself, she was furious and needed to vent. This she did, by writing an open letter to Banjo’s previous “owner” and posting it on Facebook. The post has been read more than a million times. Enjoy reading the extract below!

“Dear the callous POS (piece of s**t) owner of this dog. Today we noticed a couple of emails from people that had noticed your dog that had been abandoned … We decided to drive over and see if we could help. Sure enough there he was.

He hadn’t left the place you made him stay. He was being a good dog. He stayed close to the last place he saw his favourite person in the world. He thought you were coming back. He was watching every car that would come down the road hoping it was you coming back for him. Your dog has been freezing, hungry, and scared for days because you are a heartless piece of crap…

…He won’t be waiting for you anymore. He howled the whole car ride to our shelter. He howled the most painful howl I have ever heard. It was the sound of his heart breaking. He desperately tried to get back to the spot that you left him. He frantically checked every window then watched out the back window as we drove away. His howls lasted until he came to the driver seat and howled at me. As I reached over to pet his head he looked at me so confused and laid his head on my lap and whined as we pulled up to the shelter.’

You don’t deserve this amazing puppy. You don’t deserve any dog at all. My dog will forget about you. He will find a good home and will get the love he deserves. He will know what it’s like to have a real home. I don’t care who you are or your excuse as to why you abandoned my dog. It’s probably a BS reason anyways. You are a scum bag. I pray your year is filled with karma and bad health.”

Way to go Brooke! One in the eye for those nasty people who continue to abuse and abandon loving family pets. Watch this amazing video below of Brooke’s rescue of Banjo, and we know that he’s going to find the forever home he really deserves!