Rescued albino baby elephant gets emotional greeting from herd after going missing

baby elephant gets emotional greeting from herd

Elephants are some of the most fascinating animals in the world. Aside from their empathy, they are very protective. They form knit groups to protect their young ones and share their most intimate emotions.

So when the Herd Elephant Orphanage in South Africa introduced Khanyisa, an albino baby elephant, to the Jabulani herd, the team never knew what to expect from the pack of elephants.

Although the team knew the Jabulani herd would react positively to the baby elephant’s arrival, they never knew her introduction would be that much celebrated. They didn’t see the greeting coming, and yet it happened.

baby elephant gets emotional greeting from herd

In a video now liked and shared by millions of people, the elephants could be seen trumpeting, roaring, and spinning to welcome Khanyisa. The rest of the elephants was also hurrying to join others in the celebration.

Khanyisa was one of the many rescued elephants. She was found trapped by a sharp wire snare by the Herd Elephant Orphanage. After days of being nurtured back to health, the baby elephant was deemed fit to join the rest.

Her absence must have explained the wild reaction of the elephants to her presence. To the elephants, the return of Khanyisa was like a homecoming. So they rejoiced and celebrated with their trunks caressing her body.

During the excitement, a bull found it challenging to join the herd due to a fractured leg. His name is Fishan, and he’s the most dominant in the pack. But he did join, and from there, it was like shooting fireworks in the air.

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