Rescued Baby Bobcat Gets A New Companion For Company. Their Play Together Is SO CUTE.

Finding wild animals is always a fascinating situation. There are so many logistics to consider about getting them to safety… including not getting your face clawed off in the process. You have to consider their temperament, the space that they would need, the food that they require… and that is just scratching the surface. Take a look at this video about a bobcat kit that was rescued.

A bobcat kit was found in Florida. She had a brother, but he didn’t make it. So the rescue workers had this little girl, all alone. The first order of business was to get her to safety, so they took her to the Florida Wildlife Hospital & Sanctuary. She needed an area to roam and also be fed regularly so that she could regain her strength. Then an even more urgent problem arose for her caretakers.

They needed to come up with a solution for the now-orphaned kit. They are social creatures and their chances of survival plummet without a companion. Luckily, a bobcat kit who had been an illegal pet was found. They paired the two of them together and they hit it off famously. They just need to help each other gain their killer hunting instincts, since their freedom to roam in the wild literally depends on that. Seeing them play and even attack the camera is so cute.

I hope that both of them become adept at fending for themselves in the wild. They need to learn how to hunt, since a domesticated bobcat will get smacked down hard… often fatally… by nature if they can’t take care of themselves. It’s cruel, but it’s the law of the land. If not, I hope they live a long healthy life in the shelter, since sending them out unprepared would be even more cruel. Either way, it will be a win.

Bobcats are so cute as kits. I’ve seen adult ones, behind cages, of course, and they are quite beautiful. Have you had any experience with this species? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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