Rescued baby hummingbird uses popsicle stick as perch

If you’re looking for a truly heartwarming story, look no further than the bond between Sammy and the baby hummingbird he found alone and lost on the side of the road.


Sammy took the poor little bird into his home, making her a little popsicle perch and feeding her sugar water from a syringe. He named her Flit and slowly encouraged her to return to the air.

Coaxing her to fly a little farther each day by extending the reach of her food source, Sammy watched with pride as his little baby bird began to fly, just a few seconds at first, then for longer stints.


To begin to prepare her for re-entry into the world, Sammy wrapped the food syringe in brightly colored paper to mimic the flowers Flit would look for as a food source in nature.

Sammy placed branches up in his house and watched as little Flit adopted these as her new perch and gained the courage to fly to greater heights and explore new places in the house.


Finally, it was time for Flit to be released into the wild. Sammy brought his feathery friend outside and watched as she flew straight to a tree in his yard to find food.

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